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Not all reviews are genuine and fair. You might have a disgruntled customer, who never attempted to engage in a dialogue and is instead on a war path to destroy the reputation of your business. Or perhaps your competitor hopes to turn your clientele away with some illegitimate bad reviews.

Impact differs from industry to industry

In some industries, negative reviews can make or break a business (just think about the hospitality industry). Even if you operate within a more resilient field, reviews put you at risk. For example, if you trade business-to-business, your potential client could still look you up to see if there is any feedback online. Such clients would be more likely to reject you based on a bad review, because it is likely that more money is at stake. You can risk a bad cappucino, but not a bad IT contract.

How do you fight back?

So what are your options if someone really does have it in for you and you find yourself on the receiving end of targeted, malicious reviews? Sure, you could potentially sue someone who is being slanderous for libel, but it’s a very costly process and success is far from guaranteed. However, you’re also not at the mercy of your reviewers.

Illegitimate bad reviews need a different approach

While we always advice business owners to react to legitimate negative reviews by posting a management response (and that’s something we can handle for you, if preferred), that is only a first line of defence when faced with an illegitimate negative review. Other actions you can take depend on where the review had been posted. In some cases you can request for it to be taken down, or push it down the page with positive reviews from your clients.

We have it covered

You don’t have to fight this battle alone. If a calamity hits, get in touch and we will take this burden off your hands, so you can focus on running your business. We will work through all the steps in order to remove or neutralise malicious negative reviews. At Dixon Price, we are adept at working with TripAdvisor, TrustPilot, Yelp and other review sites. We can remove adverse social media content, negative Yahoo Answers and Google Suggestions.

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